The Brave Maiden

Young readers remember their first books! Build a memory and a love of poetry with a book that will become part of your family.

The Brave Maiden is available at fine booksellers everywhere.

The Brave Maiden is the story of a young woman who – in a quest for revenge – prevails against greed, treachery and brutality in medieval England. She is destined to bring peace and justice to the country; but first, she must discover her inner strength and nurture the qualities required of a leader.

When there weren’t enough female heroes, Geoffrey Craig created an entire world, set in verse, with an inspired heroine who steps forward to save the day.

Written by a father for his daughter, The Brave Maiden is more than a book. It’s a cherished family memory you can share in.

I did not realize how incredible my Dad’s gift for me was until senior year of high school – about twenty minutes into a session of my English literary class, we were discussing the sonnet structure and the necessary ingredients of iambic pentameter. Upon connecting the dots and realizing my Dad’s feat, I blurted out, “When I was eleven, my Dad wrote me a verse novel in iambic pentameter.”

I was grateful, awestruck, and mildly bemused. How could anyone be that patient? The Brave Maiden may not be perfect iambic pentameter as Shakespeare thought of it, but it’s the closest I’ll ever get in a Christmas present.