About the Author

Geoffrey Craig’s fiction, poetry and drama have appeared in numerous literary journals; and he has received two Pushcart Prize nominations. He retired from banking in 2002 and began his second career by writing poetry. One of his first poetic works was The Brave Maiden, an adventure novel in rhymed couplets that he originally wrote as a Christmas present for his then eleven-year-old daughter, Danielle.

Set in Medieval England, the main character in The Brave Maiden is a young woman who, on finding her entire family murdered by an evil count, flees to the forest to build an army that will accompany her on a quest for revenge and social justice.

The Brave Maiden was originally serialized in the Wilderness House Literary Review, an online journal that also serialized his novella, Snow.

Prolific Press, publisher of The Brave Maiden, also published his novel, Scudder’s Gorge, in January 2016. Both novels are available on Amazon as well as the publisher’s web site.

Geoffrey hopes that readers will enjoy The Brave Maiden as much as Danielle did and, if so, will write a review of this adventure tale on Amazon.

In addition to his fiction and poetry, four of Geoffrey’s full-length plays (one co-authored) and ten of his one-acts have been produced. He has directed productions of eight of his plays. He loves directing, in part because the theater is a cooperative endeavor and Geoffrey gets great satisfaction from working with people. In his first directorial opportunity, the cast all knew far more about theater than Geoffrey; but he persisted and learned.

Prior to both banking and writing, Geoffrey served in the Peace Corps, a life changing experience that taught him much about the world in which we all live. As for Danielle, she is in law school.