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I really did have an idylic childhood. Maybe everyone says that because we know no other childhood but our own or maybe because they want it to be true; but for me, I did not want for anything – except a twin brother. I was devastated when I politely asked for one at the age of five, and my mom responded with a chuckle.

My Dad was a supportive, involved parent, teaching me every sport under the sun (some stuck, others did not). He took me to fairs, movies, and adventures galore. And he told me stories. Some involved his own travels, while the others were about a fictional woman, The Brave Maiden, who was strong, smart, compassionate and a fighter for her people.

By the age of eleven, The Brave Maiden stories had receded into memory; but adventures with Dad continued in force. We took a cross country train trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Dad frequently urged me to head to the skylight car to watch the scenery while he “got a bit done” in our compartment. Dad is many things, but a gifted fibber he is not. I understood something was up but knew better than to ask. When the holidays came around a few months later, I realized what he had been working on when he handed me a manila envelope containing a manuscript.

The Brave Maiden was a joy to read and a pleasure to relive. Over the years, it has stayed just that: a manuscript, a great adventure tale and, most importantly, an expression of my Father’s love for me. I could not be happier that it is now being published for others to enjoy. The Brave Maiden and the lessons Dad taught me through those stories have influenced my life and my goal of becoming a public interest lawyer. I hope that The Brave Maiden will entertain, inspire and thrill you as much as it has me.